Spring Has Sprung!

Here in Michigan, Spring has sprung! We are excited to report that we have been able to complete our first comprehensive inspections, on all of our hives! We overwintered 100% of our hives and our mite tests were clear. This is a fabulous way to kick off the beekeeping season! As you can see, I am feeling a bit excited!

Look at her pollen pants!

With temperatures in the 50s, the ladies have been able to do some early foraging. Red and silver maple trees are a wonderful source of pollen for the bees, as long as the Spring temperatures are warm enough for the ladies to leave the hive. I am happy to share that they have been wearing their pollen pants, filled with beautiful yellow maple pollen!

Temperatures are going to drop, over the next few days, with some snow and freezing rain coming our way. Welcome to West Michigan! As we anxiously await warm weather, we are continuing to prepare for our expansion of 12 new hives. Our poly tunnels are bursting with blooms and our 2500+ seedlings are growing stronger each day. We are ready to kick off this beekeeping season, in full force. Come on Mother Nature…help us out just a bit!

Have a magical day!
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