Artistic Hives

One of the unique elements, at Indigo Acres Apiary, is our brightly painted beehives! There is nothing like a field of wildflowers or a manicured pollinator garden, filled with artistic beehives, to spread the joy of nature…

Clover Meadow Hives
Pollinator Garden Hives
Evergreen Grove Hives
Painting Honey Supers!
If you can’t find Roda, with the bees or in the gardens, she is probably painting.
Thematic Hives…these two seem a bit “Wicked”

Are you looking for an exciting West Michigan adventure, this summer? Visit Indigo Acres Apiary and sign up for one of our Hive Tours or Beekeeping Sessions. We can’t wait to share our amazing honeybees with you!

Save the Bees!
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