Beekeeper Roda’s Story

My name is Roda. I am the owner of Indigo Acres Apiary in Rockford, Michigan. I was born a nature girl. I spent my childhood exploring the woods, catching critters, and gardening with my dad. Even then, I was easily distracted by bees, butterflies, and blooms. I would spend hours with my little Kodak camera trying to capture nature from behind the lens.

As an adult, I knew I wanted to make a difference. I became a teacher and spent over 20 years in the world of elementary education. But, I still had a dream. I closed the door on my career and opened a new door. I was determined to spend my days outside, in my gardens, chasing bees with my camera.

Indigo Acres was established in 2014. We began to transform our 13 acres into what we like to call our “staycation”. We built a barn and expanded our gardens. Our family began to grow with lots of furry and feathered friends. But, there was one very special edition that still needed to happen… My sweet bees. After years of research, I finally felt prepared to begin my beekeeping adventure!

For the past 6 years, I have spent my days living my dreams. I talk to the animals, dig in the dirt, and dance with the bees. Our apiary continues to grow each year, as our gardens and meadows expand. I feel it is my duty, as a beekeeper, to provide chemical free forage and soil for all pollinators.

As of spring 2020, I will be the proud mama of 25+ colonies, and our apiary is still growing! When I am not tending to the bees and gardens, I enjoy inspiring others through our summer Hive Tours and Bee Camp for Kids.

My advice…Live your best life! Follow your heart and make your dream a reality. 💚 Roda

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