Thinking About Becoming a Beekeeper?

Beekeeping is an exciting and rewarding adventure!  Beekeeping is also challenging and even heartbreaking, at times.  Before purchasing bees, take some time to prepare for a successful journey as a backyard beekeeper.  Consider these 5 recommendations:

  1. Research, research, research! There are many wonderful beekeeping books available.  Learn the basics of beekeeping, as you would before purchasing any other pet or livestock.  Focus topics, such as equipment needs, pest management, pollinator friendly plants, and cost are great places to start your research.
  1. Signup for a beginning beekeeping class in your hometown or online.  Gather a variety of knowledge from as many reputable sources as possible. Knowledge is power!
  1. Find a local mentor.  There is nothing more essential than hands-on learning from an experienced beekeeper. Beekeeping management varies, depending on where you live.  Becoming familiar with beekeeping practices in your area is very important for the survival of your colony.
  1. Learn about backyard beekeeping rules and regulations for your city, county and state. These vary significantly from one location to another.
  1. Bees need flowers! Learn about the types of flowers that will provide resources for your bees.  By planting a pollinator garden in your backyard, you will provide much needed pollen and nectar for not only your bees, but your local pollinators.  If you are committing to raising healthy bees, it is your responsibility to provide chemical free forage for them.

It is my hope that as individuals begin their backyard beekeeping adventures, they will always remember to put their bees first. Although we all enjoy the sweet taste of honey, making sure the bees are always our top priority is most important. 

Bee Well! Roda

To learn more about becoming a beekeeper, visit our Mentorship and Hive Tour Pages!

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