My Wish: Let the Dandelions Live!

As a beekeeper and avid gardener, I feel it is my duty to provide healthy forage for my bees and local pollinators. Considering the world’s current situation, purchasing spring plants is going to be nearly impossible for most. But, I have an effortless way you can help your local pollinators without spending a cent…

Let the dandelions live!

I consider this “so-called” weed a perennial wildflower, for she is a member of the aster family. This beauty is coveted as an herb, for the leaves, flowers and roots are all edible. This powerhouse plant is also rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc.

More importantly, these whimsical flowers are one of the first food sources for the bees. The pollen is moderately nutritious and the nectar is abundant!

This spring, please think twice before you spray harsh chemicals on these beauties. Allowing dandelions to thrive is a wonderful spring gift for your local bees and other beneficial insects. Remember, when we help our pollinators thrive, they keep our food supply plentiful!

Bee well! 💚Roda

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