Cutleaf Coneflower: A Gift for the Pollinators

This towering beauty is loved by not only our honey bees, due to its rich nectar and pollen, but our native pollinators as well. Commonly called the cutleaf coneflower “autumn sun” (Rudbeckia laciniata), this stunning perennial is visited by both long and short-tongued bees, wasps, butterflies, skippers, and moths.

The cutleaf coneflower is a wonderful choice if you like a large statement in your garden. (Who doesn’t?) These towering beauties reach 8’-10’ and create a beautiful summer-fall feature.

Cut leaf coneflowers are native to the majority of the U.S., except for the far west, thriving in moist, well drained soil.

These bright yellow flowers have a lime green central cone and bloom from July-September.

Height: 8’-10’ tall
Bloom Color: yellow
Bloom Time: summer- fall
Light: sun to part shade
Hardiness: zones 4-8

It is important to keep the cutleaf coneflower watered well to avoid providing support. I recommend growing along a fence if possible. This will make supporting this huge beauty much easier, if necessary. Out of all the plants we grow, the cut leaf coneflower seems to be a bumble bee favorite. Its rich nectar just keeps on giving when the other blooms are winding down in late summer.

Last year, I harvested seeds from one of our plants. This will be my first season growing this variety from seed. I will let you know how it goes!

Our motto is simple…
“Plant a Flower, Save a Bee”!

Bee Well! Roda

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