The Whimsical Cosmos

This week’s Feature Flower is the whimsical cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus). This annual is loved by not only our honey bees, but our native bees, hummingbirds, moths and butterflies. Due to its ease to grow from seed and ability to thrive in poor soil, this simple beauty will flourish with minimal water and lots of sunshine!

Height: 3’-6’ tall
Bloom Color: pink and white with yellow centers
Bloom Time: summer- fall
Light: full sun
Hardiness: annual

Cosmos is available in numerous varieties. Over the years, I have found that the basic pink and white, flat- petaled flowers are most loved by our honey bees and local pollinators.

I purchase all of my cosmos seeds from Botanical Interests. The following two varieties are organic heirlooms. They have both been a huge success in our pollinator gardens and meadows.

Sensation Blend Cosmos Seeds

Sea Shell Blend Cosmos Seeds

As you are preparing for planting your garden, or if you have already planted it, I hope you will find a little extra space to grow for your local pollinators. They work so hard for us daily… The least we can do for them is provide chemical free forage. Remember, when we help our local pollinators, they keep our food supply plentiful!

Bee Well,


Our motto is simple…
“Plant a Flower, Save a Bee”!

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