All 2022-2023 Mentorships are filled.

Indigo Acres Pollinator Sanctuary offers a year long Mentorship Program. These one-on-one educational sessions will allow individuals to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to begin or continue a successful beekeeping journey. Participants will not only learn from the beekeeper, but from the bees. If you are not from the West Michigan area, no worries! Indigo Acres also offers a virtual Mentorship Program. Let’s Bee Inspired!

Mentorship Program Includes

  • Beekeeper Sessions: All dates/times will be scheduled between the Mentor & Mentee
  • Email/Text/Phone Support throughout YOUR Beekeeping Season
  • All Educational Materials Included

To request more detailed information about our 1:1 Mentorship Program, visit our Contact Us page.


I’m a third year beekeeper and very much still learning. About a year or so ago, I followed Indigo Acres Instagram and replied to a post with a simple question. Roda messaged me directly. For over almost an hour. She is always willing to assist me when I need her, and that initial contact has blossomed into a wonderful relationship. While her knowledge and passion are obvious, it’s her kindness and genuine character that are her most appealing attributes. I’m forever grateful to be under her tutelage. Roda is never more than a text away and so very willing to help. I wouldn’t be making the progress I am without her. Roda is beautiful human and I’m blessed to call her friend.

To anyone reading this, if you reach out to Roda, you will be forever changed. While she won’t be your whole life as a beekeeper, she will make your life whole!

~Todd Waldron, Beekeeper

Before becoming a beekeeper, I read and researched everything I could get my hands on. I joined some Facebook groups and reached out to a couple local, long time beekeepers. I found that even with all of that, there was something missing! I wanted passion and practicality that you can only get 1:1 with a mentor. I discovered Roda on Instagram a little over a year ago, and I could tell immediately that her passions for beekeeping, her gardens, and nature ran deep! I was ecstatic when I discovered that she offered mentoring! The return on this gift I gave to myself (and to my colonies) is not quantifiable. Roda has been available EVERY single time I’ve needed to pick her brain or ask her advice. She has given me confidence in my own abilities and a plethora of information that will last a lifetime. Additionally, Roda is a friend for life. She is a kind, generous, and energetic human being that I feel blessed to know. If you have any hesitation – don’t!! Setting up a mentoring program with Roda has been the best thing I have done for my beekeeping journey.

~Lisa Schwartz, 2021 Virtual Mentorship Program

“I am really looking forward to getting my first bees next spring. Roda has been just amazing! She is a fun, informative, patient, and thorough beekeeping and gardening mentor!”

~Kimberley Scattergood, 2021 Local Mentorship Program

“Roda not only joyfully pours her knowledge into you, but also helps you to become a better observer and listener to your bees. I cannot say enough great things about my experience!”

~Kelly Card, 2020 Virtual Mentorship Program

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