2023 Hive Sponsorships are full!

By sponsoring a hive at Indigo Acres Pollinator Sanctuary, you are giving back to the environment in so many beneficial ways. You are also spreading awareness and inspiring others to support these beneficial creatures. Your sponsorship will not only assist the growth of bee populations, but the plants that sustain them. Each sponsorship supports the expansion of our pollinator gardens and meadows. These beneficial plants not only provide forage for our sweet honey bees, but for all local pollinators.

1 Year Sponsorship Package Includes:

  • A complete hive set up, custom designed and hand painted by Roda. We want your sponsored hive to represent your business and/or passion!
  • A colony of honey bees for your hive
  • Sponsorship listing on our website
  • Monthly features on our social media accounts
  • Copies of Roda’s two books
  • 3 – 12oz jars of honey *As long as there is extra. We always leave 60-80lbs of honey in each hive for the bees to overwinter.
  • 40+ square feet of new pollinator habitat planted at Indigo Acres Pollinator Sanctuary
  • A guided Hive Tour with Beekeeper Roda. In person or virtual.
  • Base price: $1,400 *This price may vary due to the detail of the hive design.

•Payment plans available

•Custom Hive Sponsorships are also available!

*Renewal: Each year, individuals will have the option to renew their sponsorship at the discounted rate of $599. This renewal supports maintenance of the hive, as well as continued expansion of our pollinator gardens and meadows. We will continue to share your sponsored hive on our website and social media accounts.

For more information, visit the Contact Us page.

2023 Hive Sponsors

Eye Love Love


Mowgli Moynes


Soul of Lemuria


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